The cheese comes in the following formats:

Whole cheese

Caja de 2 unidades. Peso aprox. 3 Kg/unidad
Box of 2 cheeses. Approx. weight 3 Kg/unit

1/2 Cheese vacuum packed

Caja de 4 unidades. Peso aprox: 1,5 Kg/unidad
Box of 4 units. Approx. weight 1.5 Kg/unit

1/4 Cheese vacuum packed

Caja de 8 unidades. Peso aprox. 0,75 Kg/unidad
Box of 8 units. Approx. weight 0.75 Kg/unit

250g Wedges

Caja de 20 unidades. Peso fijo de 250 g
Box of 20 units. Fixed weight of 250 g

Wedge-shaped portions of 1/10th of cheese (weight may vary)

Caja de 20 unidades. Peso aprox. 340 g/unidad
Box of 20. Approx. weight 340g/unit

160g wedges with case

Caja de 24 unidades
Box of 24

Packet of cheese slices

Unidades/sobre: 9. Peso total 160 g cada sobre. Caja de 12 sobres.
Slices/packet: 9. Total weight 160 g in each packet. Box of 12 packets

Jar of Cheese in Oil

Peso escurrido: 300 g. Peso total: 500 g. 
Cajas de 5 unidades
Drained weight: 300 g. Total weight: 500 g. Box of 5 units

Gift boxes