Lácteas Zamoro is a family business with more than 25 years of experience and dedication to the manufacture of unpasteurized sheep’s milk cheese.

In our modern installations, we have perfected combining traditional cheese-making methods with new technologies. We are also constantly reviewing and adapting our manufacturing process to market demands.

The company’s main asset is its cheese.  A unique cheese.

This unique cheese is the result of a rigorous selection process of our raw material: the milk. Lácteas Zamoro has its own team of vets who take care of the health and nutrition of our sheep from birth and also has a quality control department that analyses each delivery of milk made to our site daily.

At Lácteas Zamoro we only produce unpasteurised sheep’s milk cheese. As a result, all of our research, quality improvements, the development of new formats, etc. are focused on this one product:  unpasteurised sheep’s milk cheese.

We also take great pride in the speed and agility with which we respond to our clients’ needs