It is no secret that only the best milk can be used to obtain excellent cheese.

With pure sheep’s milk from our own livestock, we at Lácteas Zamoro use experience and tradition going back three generations together with the most advanced techniques to manufacture our  cured sheep's cheese.

"CIUDAD DE SANSUEÑA", a unique cheese from the Zamora region, is fermented using the natural bacteria in milk and no added preservatives or ferments.

Our products are handmade and comply with strict EU health and quality regulations.

It is slowly matured for one year, to obtain a product with an intense, pure taste, unmistakeable aroma and smooth texture.

Lácteas Zamoro guarantees the highest quality and best practice.

From the selection and care of our animals and the careful process of production using traditional techniques, to our efficient service and logistics.

Our quick response has made it possible for us to offer our clients the best possible service.